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June 25, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

June 25, 2012

Board Meeting

THE TOWN BOARD MEETING was called to order by Chairman Rutten about 7:05 p.m. on June 25, 2012 at the Wolf River Town Hall.

NOTICES of this meeting were sent in to the Chronicle and the Winneconne News. Notices were posted at the Town Hall and the Fremont Post Office. Notices were e-mailed for posting at Hahn-a-Lula Resort, and Union Star. Notices were also e-mailed to the Town Board, Attorney, Building Inspector, Zoning Administrator, and Assessor.

PRESENT: Randy Rutten, Bill Liedtke, David Koepp, Ray Koepp, Susan Gilbert, Attorney Doug Marone, and Lee Robbert.

ALSO PRESENT FOR ALL OR PART OF THE MEETING: Fourteen additional persons per attendance record on file.


MINUTES OF MEETING: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp with changes to the Correspondence section to include relaying the FRAC issues to the Zoning and Plan Commission/carried 3-0 to approve the minutes of the May 21, 2012 meeting. This language will be added.

1. Dave Murphy – 56th district assembly running for office. Grew up in Grand Chute on a dairy farm and learned his work ethics there. He went to Hortonville high school, Fox Valley Center after high school. His business is in Grand Chute. He also talked about state-owned land
2. Geneva Laabs spoke of the Thresheree in August put on by the Historical society. Three machines will thresh from 2:00 to 4:00 and then there will be a civil war ball to follow in downtown Winchester
3. Randy stated that Geneva was the town clerk for 24 years and he publically thanked her and presented her with a plaque. Geneva spoke about how much she enjoyed the job and how much she learned during thosetyears.

SHERIFF’S REPRESENTATIVE – Winnebago County. None present.


Party Doll Fleet 9024 Marion Lane Alteration $10,000
Carl Merkel 7700 Cut-Off Lane Garage $6,200
Steve Jacobsen 7370 County Road H Garage & Deck $35,000
Paul DeBruin County Road II Garage $29,650
Paul Diamond 7587 Richter Lane Fireplace & patio doors $4,500
Chad Baumgart 7778 Maple Lane Deck $1,333
Robert Bates 9153 Oak Lane New partial roof $20,000
Tom Mathwig River Trail Drive culvert
Dan Springhetti 7776 Cut-Off Lane Fence $3,000

TREASURER’S REPORT: Balance from last month was $341,082.62. after paying bills, including life/disability for town board members, election inspectors, fire calls, and income from operator and liquor licenses, personal property taxes, room taxes, conditional use permit, building permits, search fees, recycling grant, etc., the ending balance is $331,289.11. Motion by Koepp/second Liedtke/carried 3-0.

1. The clerk read a letter received from Gloria Mielke. She and Rick expressed their sincere gratitude for the Marion Lane cleanup. The road is much safer now for those walking along that route and traffic going back to the their marina. They stated Tom Mathwig did an amazing job and left the area beautiful.
2. Winnebago County Solid Waste Mgmt sent the surplus revenue ballot, which is on the agenda later in the evening.
3. There will be a Wisconsin Towns Association meeting in Omro on Thursday, July 12 at 6:30. Rick Stadelmann will be there to discuss current legislation and host a listening session.
4. Randy read a letter he received from resident Dennis Kleist about drainage issues affecting his property and requested the town fix it. Judy Knaus stated that Dennis had dug a ditch to drain from the edge of the west and to the center to drain into the culvert so all the dirt flows into the lake now too. Randy will contact the County to discuss this matter.

APPROVAL AND PAYMENT OF INVOICES: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0.

CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT: KKWRC, LLC Applicant: Robert Glidden. Being part of the NE ¼ of the NE ¼, Section 9, T20N, R14E, Town of Wolf River, Winnebago County, WI. Applicant is requesting a conditional use permit to construct an addition onto a non-residential farm building where no house is present. This building would be to store ag-related equipment. Winnebago County has no concerns about this CUP, but the Plan Commission asked a lot of questions about it, but were satisfied in the end with their request. The Board related concerns about overnight stays in this building and it being turned into a weekend cottage. Motion by Koepp/Liedtke/carried 3-0 to approve, in our advisory position, the Conditional Use Permit with the following conditions:

1. No Commercial use allowed

2. No overnight or extended camping.

3. No overnight stays in the building/cannot use building as a residence.

4. No outside storage.

5. Conditional Use permit may be revoked at any time due to violations as applied by both the County and Town’s Comprehensive Plans and Zoning codes

ZONING VARIANCE: For Nancy Wilhelmi of 9060 Marion Lane. Parcel number 032019107. Being part of Govt. Lot 6, Section 9, T20N, R14E, Town of Wolf River, Winnebago County, WI. Applicant is requesting a variance to construct a home with substandard street yard and shore yard setbacks. The original garage became a cottage in the late 60s. They would like to tear down this old building and build a bigger one. She is looking to build a 34 x 44 cottage. They would like to move it over 20 feet, which would be 13 feet away from the neighbor’s property. This new building would more compliant with Winnebago County zoning codes that the existing structure. Motion by Koepp/second Liedtke/carried 3-0 to approve, in our advisory position, this Zoning Variance as read.

PETITION FOR SPECIAL CHARGE FOR BRIDGE REPAIRS TO HAASE ROAD BRIDGE: Property owners living along Haase Road are requesting a Special Charge of $1650 be added to their property taxes next year for repairs on the bridge. Set hearing date. Atty. Doug Marone was present in Karen’s place and advised the Town to not get involved with this project. If the town were to take this on as a project, the work would need to be a public works project, be put out for bids, the town would have to pay for the work to be completed and then charge it back to the residents of that road. Koepp stated this is becoming a safety issue as well and is a bit different than the recent petition for the dredging project on Bay Lane. Atty. Marone stated they could set up a Road Association and charge members on their own for any road/bridge repairs needed. He suggested they seek legal counsel and discuss how to best proceed and reiterated that the town should not get involved. He also suggested that they could turn the road over to the town, but it would need to be brought up to code before they would be allowed turn it over to the town.

INTERGOVERNMENTAL AGREEMENT TO SATISFY ELIGIBILITY FOR RECYCLING CONSOLIDATION GRANT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2013. Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to approve the Intergovernmental Agreement with Winnebago County and other municipalities in Winnebago County that would allow our town to be part of the “Responsible Unit” and thus be eligible to file for the annual recycling grant.

SURPLUS COMMODITY REVENUE BALLOT FOR RECYCLING REVENUE: Agreement asking Winnebago County either keep or refund to the participating municipalities $952,381.00, of which the Town of Wolf River would receive $4,035.65 of the refund. Motion by Koepp/second Liedtke/carried 3-0 to approve refunding of the Winnebago County Recycling Surplus revenue back to the participating towns based on tonnage processed and sold.

PROPANE PRICES FOR THE 2012-2013 SEASON. Dale Gas & Oil offers a price of $1.29 per gallon. L & L Propane has offered a price of 0.94 for 300 gallons at minimum. Countryside offered a price of 0.89 cash price for the same. Koepp stated he bought 2 tanks last year at a cost of between $700 and $800 per tank. He stated the town may want to consider purchasing tanks since the Town Hall will be here for years to come and we could shop around for the best price every year. The Board will look into this further and this item will be placed on next month’s agenda.

GRANT & ISSUE CLASS B BEER/CLASS B ALCOHOL LICENSES TO THE FOLLOWING: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to Grant and Issue licenses to the following establishments/owners:
a) Donna Stoffel, Boom Bay Resort.
b) Edward Drews, Slim & Mary Ann’s.
c) Clifford Hahn, agent, Hahn-A-Lula Resort, Ballroom & Supper Club, Inc.
d) Irvin Schmidt, Jr., Here ‘N’ There.
e) Jill Schneiter, Agent, Gala Resort and Campground, Inc.,
f) Joseph Hall, Triangle Farm Campground.

GRANT & ISSUE CLASS A BEER LICENSES TO THE FOLLOWING: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to grant and issue a Class A Beer license to Julie Chikowski, Agent, Chico’s Landing.

GRANT & ISSUE CIGARETTE LICENSES TO THE FOLLOWING: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to grant and issue a cigarette license to: Hahn-A-Lula Resort & Ballroom, Cliff Hahn, Agent.

GRANT & ISSUE CABARET LICENSES TO THE FOLLOWING: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to grant and issue cabaret licenses to Donna Stoffel; Hahn-A-Lula Resort & Ballroom, Cliff Hahn; Agent; Gala Resort and Campground, Jill Schneiter, agent; Irvin Schmidt, Jr., Here ‘N’ There; Joe Hall, Triangle Farms Campground.


a) Here-N-There: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to grant and issue operator’s licenses to Hannah Miller, Heather Vollmer.
b) Hahn-a-Lula: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to grant and issue operator’s licenses to David Hempel, Julie Zimmerman, Ryan Hahn, Diane Forslin, Michelle DeGoat, and Sarah Rhone.
c) Chico’s Landing: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to grant and issue operator’s licenses to Julie Chikowski.
d) Boom Bay Resort: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to grant and issue operator’s licenses to Donna Stoffel, Lynda Johnson, Jeremy Johnson, Patricia Rudebeck, and Katana Heuer.
e) Triangle Farms Campground: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to grant and issue operator’s licenses to Juliana Sprenger and Mary Carmen.
f) Gala Resort: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 3-0 to grant and issue operator’s licenses to Jill Schneiter, Nathan Wilson, Joana Garay, Brandon Ostrander, and Schelagh Dehler. Brooke Kenitz, Stephanie Jacob, and Donald Schade were not present and need to come before the board, as these are new licensees.
g) Drews Tavern: Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 2-0 to grant and issue an operator’s license to Randy Rutten. (Randy abstained).

APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY CLASS “B”/CLASS “B” RETAILER’S LICENSE: Boom Bay Volunteer Fire Dept for a 2-day event to be held on July 13 and July 14, 2012. Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 2-0 to grant and issue and Temporary Class “B”/Class “B” Retailer’s License to the Boom Bay Volunteer Fire Company for their fundraising event. Randy abstained, as he is part of that fire company.

APPLICATION FOR CABARET LICENSE: Boom Bay Volunteer Fire Dept. for a 2-day event to be held on July 13 and July 14, 2012.Volunteer Fire Dept. for a 2-day event to be held on July 13 and July 14, 2012. Motion by Liedtke/second Koepp/carried 2-0 to grant and issue a Cabaret license to the Boom Bay Volunteer Fire Company for their fundraising event. Randy abstained, as he is part of that fire company.

DISCUSSION OF MEETING HELD ON SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2012 CONCERNING FIRE DEPARTMENTS: A question came up about the town owning the building. Atty. Marone inquired as to whether the town and fire department have discussed a formal agreement about having the Boom Bay Volunteer Fire Company build the building. Currently, the town contracts with the fire departments for services. In this matter, the town does not really need to get involved. A resident inquired as to what would happen if the fire dept would go belly up. Atty. Marone stated that they were a nonprofit entity and would have to donate to a similar nonprofit agency, although the town could be make as part of the conditions of a contract that all land and equipment would be donated to the Town of Wolf River. A resident stated that the town cannot give money to the fire dept for purchase of real estate, but Atty. Marone stated the Town is paying for fire services and pays as annual assessment to each fire dept. Koepp stated that is what we do with Poy Sippi now, as we do not own any of their equipment either. Randy said that with Poy Sippi – part of what we send them goes to pay for their new fire station as well. Rutten stated that in 1983 Atty. Wertsch insisted that the town owed 1/3 of all equipment of the Wolf River-Fremont Fire Department. Randy suggested that we put in the contract that the increased assessment would drop back down to a lower amount after the building is paid off. Boom Bay currently stores a tanker and pumper at Kiesows, a tanker and pumper at Seivert’s farm, and mini pumper and airboat at another location. The Ggrass rig at Gertie Raguse’s. If Wayne or Clete left, there is no plan for different storage. It was also noted that the town did not pay for a truck that was recently purchased by the Boom Bay Fire Company. The airboat and building was also not purchased by the town. The 1975 engine is one of two trucks Boom Bay purchased recently. The 1994 tanker was also new and the town helped purchased that over 4 years ago. Ray suggested they consider building down closer to the Boom – that is where the value is – maybe purchase land now. If Kiesow’s fell apart, could they build down by the Boom? Geneva Laabs inquired as to whether or not they have looked into contracting with Winchester to cover Zittau. Gary stated Boom Bay has mutual aid agreement with Winchester to cover their area in emergencies. Gary said it would be $30,000 to$ 50,000 to contract with Winchester to cover our area instead of Boom Bay doing it. Dave stated there usually are at least 3 fire departments going to any one-structure fire at the same time. It is known as the MAVIS program. Judy Knaus stated that if we are going to spend money – let’s put it where the population is. Gary stated they wish to keep it in Zittau where the current trucks are housed for better response purposes. Atty. Marone stated the town could do a long-term lease and Gary stated they already have a 20-year lease with Clete. Gary also noted that the only drawback, if we are going to build this in a central area, would be the cost at $500,000. A question came up if the new Tustin fire station is comparable, but there were conflicting answers. Atty. Marone noted that each fire department sets their assessed charges for services based on their cost of operation; mutual consideration. They are obligated to provide us with service. If the town were to do this project, it would be considerably more. Gary noted the loan would be set up just like Poy Sippi fire department did. Atty. Marone inquired as to whether he should begin working on a document to spell out the details. He suggested the town could go out and have a bid to see what it would cost to have this done as a public works project. This will be placed on next month’s agenda. Someone from the fire dept and someone from the board will meet with the attorney to discuss the details of what an agreement may look like. There was a question of as to whether or not there would be enough in the 2013 budget to cover the increased cost with only a 2% increase. Ray stated we have some new houses going up and some are rather large so that will increase the overall assessment. Lee asked about the town loan and that will be paid off in 2+ years, approximately Feb 2014. Lee inquired as to whether or not the they could put the project off a year to correspond to paying the town loan off – if that helps the budget. Gary will do a 5-year and 10-year plan to see if the interest would be better. Gary and Dave will meet with Atty. Marone to begin to discuss the details.

TOWN HALL BUSINESS. Seal-coating town hall parking lot, etc.: Two bids: Superior for 30,125 sq feet for $3025 and Wollerman 23,396v sq feet for $2334. Per sq foot, the bids are about the same. Both will restripe the lot. Superior is made up of two Winnebago County workers that have a business on the side. They would apply 1 coat of commercial asphalt sealer. Both bids show the sq. footage differs quite a bit. Anti-slip material will be added from Superior Company. A question came up if any warranty or guarantee is provided. Neither bid contained any of that information.

PLAN COMMISSION: Dave stated they had meeting on 6/12/12. He read the minutes, where they discussed merger of Plan Comm and Zoning Committee. The also had a discussion about the town going under County Zoning. Jim Freer will draw up an article for an August newsletter to be sent out about this subject. Next meeting July 26, at 6:00 p.m. Lee sent a letter to the owners who live on AH where stuff is beginning to accumulate- no word back yet. Property on 37th – Carmen property is getting to look like a junkyard again. This needs to be addressed as well. Lee will look at it. Mobile home is grandfathered, but other stuff needs to go. County wants to set a date to come out to the town hall Aug 6, 13, 15, or 16 at 6:00 for a public hearing with Winnebago County to discuss County versus Town zoning.

ATTORNEY’S REPORT: Nothing new to add.


SET DATE AND TIME OF NEXT BOARD MEETING: Randy will be on vacation in Canada the fourth Monday of next month. Meeting set for Monday, July 30, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. to consider town business. Motion by Koepp/second Liedtke/carried 3-0 to adjourn. Time is 9:35. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:

Susan J. Gilbert, Clerk


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